Passionately committed to improve lives of our members by mobilizing resources and offering affordable credit for Socio-economic empowerment.


To be a leading Sacco in Kenya offering quality financial products and services

Core Values

• Professionalism
• Integrity
• Commitment
• Transparency , Integrity, Accountability


We believe in hard work, commitment and self-sacrifice

Your Partner in wealth creation.

Any Kenyan citizen is eligible to join CADON Sacco regardless of his or her area of residence.

The society’s objective is to afford members an opportunity for:-

  • Accumulating savings
  • Carrying out investments
  • Creating a source of funds for lending to members
  • Performing the functions and exercising powers designated for Savings and Credit Co-operative Societies under the applicable law for the benefit of the members.

The SACCO affords you the following opportunities:-

  • Making prudent savings through cultivating a savings culture.
  • Attending and participating at the Annual General Meetings.
  • Providing affordable credit products such as loans.
  • Entitling you to a competitive return on your investment.
  • You get personalized attention in response to your needs.
  • Submitting your initiatives or projects to the Management for the improvement of the Sacco’s services.


  1. Building Strong Lasting Relationships.

Customer Satisfaction is not good enough .Our success comes from cultivating and nurturing lasting relationships with our membership who are the core of our business.

We are not afraid to take the lead in accountability. We take up the role model for accountability and nurture a caring mind-set across our whole organization. Being answerable to our membership for all our actions and results is what makes the real difference for us.

Integrity is the cornerstone of our foundation and at the core of our leadership. We endeavour to successfully inspire our team action, values, and principles.

Good governance is critical to our organization. We are consistently communicating both  what our company stands for and what we are doing because .We believe that being open helps us build trust which is the foundation of great  teamwork.

  1. Innovation

What got us here won’t get us there. We refuse to stop at good enough. This is the mind-set that fuels our performance. We challenge convention to uncover new and better ways to serve our membership.

  1. Service Excellence.

Our success is directly linked to operation excellence. We are wired to roll up our sleeves and serve. We seek to understand our membership needs and priorities and proactively share ideas and news.

  1. Technology

Lack of solutions is not an obstacle to offering significant value to our membership. our advanced technology gives you the convenience of ease and accessibility that saves you time, effort and energy.

  1. Transforming Lives

Building a good reputation is most valuable to us. We are a brand that impacts positively on the society. We are always seeking to serve by adding value to the lives we touch.